Serbia (Central & Eastern Europe)

On the occasion of 7 October – Word Day for Decent Work, two representative trade union confederations – TUC NEZAVISNOST and Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions of Serbia (CATUS), with the support of ILO Budapest and ITUC/PERC SEE Office in Sarajevo, organised a series of appropriate events.
The most important event was the Round Table ’’END CORPORATE GREED’’ which is, as ITUC proposed, a universal motto under which the Word Day for Decent Work will be marked this year worldwide.
The round table and press conference, with the participation of two representative trade unions, ETUC (Solidarnost), independent experts and public media was held at Belgrade’s Media Centre between 11:00 a.m. and 1 p.m. Anyone interested in the work of the round table and press conference could follow these events directly on Media Centre’s website (http://www.mc.rs/mc-web-televizija.1498.html).
Keynote addresses on international and European standards of decent work and their (non-)implementation and violation in Serbia were delivered by Branislav Čanak, TUC NEZAVISNOST President and Duško Vuković, CATUS Vice-President.
Dr Zoran Stojiljković, Vice-President of TUC NEZAVISNOST, moderated the round table. He stressed that Serbia is a country lacking both work and decency and that the world of labour is predominantly marked by principles of fear and greed. Emphasising that decent work is not only a trade union problem, but first and foremost a national issue, Branislav Čanak reminded the audience of the main principles of ILO Declaration of Philadelphia (1944). Commenting the defensive attitude of workers and trade unions on the global level, evidenced by the fact that only 7% of workers worldwide are unionised, D. Vuković pointed out that one of the main elements of decent work – willingness for true dialogue – is missing in Serbia.
Examples from practice were highlighted in discussions of participants from all economic sectors and activities (manufacturing, mining, construction, trade, etc), as well as trade union activists from the public sector – education, health and social protection, culture, media, etc.
At the same time, TUC NEZAVISNOST and CATUS activists distributed in Belgrade streets appropriate flyers and other propaganda material with employees’ messages and request for decent work in Serbia relating to safety and health at work; regular payment of wages and other employment related benefits; development and promotion of social dialogue and democratic industrial relations; prohibition of all forms of discrimination in the process of recruitment and employment in general, particularly prohibition of any form of mobbing.
Concurrently with events in Belgrade, TUC NEZAVISNOST and CATUS organised activities in Novi Sad, Niš and Kragujevac. In these cities press conferences and street campaigns took place, including distribution of promotional materials which supported decent work and expressed resolve of trade union organizations to fight for decent working conditions with all forms and methods of industrial action.


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