Informational picketing

Ukraine (Newly Independent States )

The decision to hold the informational picketing of the central executive bodies was taken by the Joint Representative Body of trade unions. The informational picketing was to draw attention of the government bodies to the problems of decent work in Ukraine.

The picketing was held under the slogans:

‘No to continuation of the government policy of ‘tightening belts’ at the expense of working people!

Trade unions are against the ‘termless shock therapy’ of the Government!

Enough promises – pay the wage arrears!

The worker-beggar is shame for the country!

A new Labour Code = poverty + work

European wages first – European prices and tariffs next!

Deputies from the Maidan – hear the workers!

We should not work for free due to the IMF requirements!

If no one hears us – we will go on strike!

Jobs, wages, decent life!

European future of Ukraine is a decent work and sufficient protection against poverty!’

The decent work means:

- Sustainable jobs and productive and highly effective workplaces;

- Decent wages;

- Timely wage payment;

- Legal labour relations;

- Safe working conditions;

- Reliable social protection.

The decent work is also promotion of professional and career growth, secure labour rights and collective agreement, participation in company management, right to organise.

Workers’ failure to feed themselves and their families today, despair of pensioners who do not have money for medicines and primary necessities, shock which is waiting population after they have received the first housing and utilities services bill against a background of rise in inflation, all this puts the criteria of decent work first.

The reforms initiated after the Revolution of Dignity should advance Ukraine to the level of the stable prosperous European states. Moreover, trade unions are convinced that it is possible if we achieve peace, solidarity of civil society, the Government and business.

However, outcomes of the reforms implementation show that the reforms should not be formal and hasty, but to provide new jobs, decent wages, occupational safety, and workers’ democracy.

These issues were discussed at the public hearings ‘Trade union initiatives on latest wage policy in context of European integration’ that the FPU organised the same day at the International Centre of Culture and Arts.


Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine, Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine
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