Panel Debate and Press conference on WDDW

Macedonia (Central & Eastern Europe)

The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia this WDDW plans to involve the Youth Section of CCM in the celebration of WDDW. This event is envisaged to be a panel debate accompanied with a press conference on which the members of the Youth Section will discuss topics relevant to the New Decent Work Program 2015-2020 which was signed by ILO and the social partners last year.
With the support of ILO and the Project on Promoting the Social Dialogue funds have been allocated for the following activities: leaflets and posters. Also on the press conference we plan to promote the new web site of CCM and another web site on which all national confederations shall have the possibility to upload relevant laws, regulations and other labor document that are of workers’ interest.


Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia
Lidija Naskovska, President of Youth Section, PhD Zhivko Mitrevski, President of CCM -

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