Representation and effective legal protection of the employees a guarantee for decent work

Albania (Central & Eastern Europe)

In promoting the 7 October, World Day for Decent Work, the Confederation of Trade Unions of Albania (KSSH) in cooperation and co-financing with the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and the Sweden Confederation of Trade Unions (Union to Union) organized a series of activities. These activities were spread throughout the first week of October and were finalized by a National Conference under the slogan "The legal protection of employees guarantees decent work".

In all these activities, it was stressed that the concept of decent work occupies an important place in the agenda of KSSH as a strong voice of partnership with the Government and Employers Organizations, and in recent years also with civil society.
During the first week of October in some enterprises and companies and different regions of the country they were held meeting with elected trade unionist, as well as several hearings about the work conditions, safety and health, salaries, bonuses, pensions, etc. In some KSSH territorial Assemblies were organized conferences with specified subject for the promotion of decent work, as in Shkodra, Vlora and Elbasan. While in South-eastern Albania (in Pogradec city) Trade Union Federation of Health, Education and Public Administration organized a national meeting, which in their conclusions articulated a list of demands to their employers, mainly state-owned, to enable a more dignified in their working relationship.

On 7 October 2015, at the premises of Tirana International Hotel in Tirana, at 10.00, KSSH organized a national conference under the slogan "The legal protection of employee’s guarantees decent work". This conference was attended by all trade unionists elected in KSSH local and central structures, as well as representatives of Government, employers’ organizations, civil society, the ILO Office in Tirana, from FES, etc.
The conference was opened and moderated by Ms. Anisa Subashi, KSSH Deputy President. On behalf of KSSH welcomed the KSSH President, Mr Kol. Nikollaj, who appreciated and presented the KSSH achievements, especially in recent years, in the promotion and launch of decent work. He explained KSSH ambitions and challenges in order to achieve decent work based on four main pillars:
1. Creation of new jobs
2. Respect of workers’ rights and freedoms
3. The scope and comprehensiveness of social protection, social integration
4. Institutionalization and promotion of social dialogue at all levels.
On behalf of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth welcomed Ms. Gentiala Sula, Deputy. Minister, who explained that the political agenda of the Albanian Government for decent work is a priority for the Government and is being translated into very concrete actions such as legislative reforms, reforms in pensions, reforms in education and vocational training, reforms in national service of employment, promotion the productive social dialogue and comprehensive elimination of child labor, gender equality and equal chances for all, etc.

On behalf of the Ministry of Health welcomed Mr. Kosta Barjaba, Policy Director at the Ministry, who explained the importance of decent work, especially in public service institutions and ensured the support of the institution he represents to the demands of trade unionists.

On behalf of the ILO in Albania welcomed Ms. Maria do Carmo Gomes, which highlighted the necessity of achieving decent work and explained the history of the promotion of this day since 1999. It praised the contribution of KSSH as the most active and represented trade union organization in Albania, which is making an estimated contribution at protecting socio-economic Albanian workers, and is contributing constructively as a union of the 21st century in partnership with the Government and Employers Organizations, enabling truly develop a social dialogue sustainable and productive.

During this conference were held two lectures dedicated to 7 October. Mrs. Adi Edlira Kahani, experts on the European Union Issues and Head of the Department of Projects for the Ministry of Education of Israel referred the topic "The labor law in the European Union" and Mr. Edison Hoxha, KSSH Deputy President referred the topic "Legal Protection of Workers, guaranteeing fundamental aspect of Decent Work in Albania". Both referees stressed KSSH achievements in strengthening the legal capacity to protect the employees, and the necessity of ensuring decent work both in quantity in new jobs, as well as in quality with decent work. Speakers emphasized the good work and contribution from KSSH in terms of unification of law with EU standards, as well as adoption of EU directives in national labor legislation, especially currently in the process of legislative changes Code Labor.

After many questions and discussions by participants at the end of the conference conclusions were articulated by Ms. Anisa Subashi KSSH Vice President, where:
• The Albanian Government is required to:
o be more flexible in the partnership relations with the trade unions;
o work harder to ensure decent work for all, to ensure decent wages and to cope with personal and family needs of workers;
o a special attention should pay health and safety at work ensuring safe workplaces and ensuring good health of employees.
• To the Prime Minister, Mr. Edi Rama is required:
o through a Public Request that at the next meeting of the National Labour Council he must be present to discuss the reforms being undertaken by the Government in terms of the informal economy;
o to accept KSSH proposal to increase the minimum wage to 20% by sector;
o In a faster time meet and sign a tripartite social memorandum of understanding between Government – Confederation Trade Unions Organizations- Employer Organizations.

After the National Conference, The KSSH President, Mr. Kol Nikollaj, was invited in a national public television (TV SCAN) were for nearly 2 ours was spoken for World Day for Decent Work, its promotion from KSSH and the KSSH working priorities in the future.



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