WDDW KCTU-Youth organizations Joint Press Conference

Korea, South (East Asia)

Korean Confederation of Trade Unions(KCTU) and several students and youth organizations jointly hold a press conference to denounce the government-led "labour market reform" and to propose 7 points of demands of the young people. Several youth members of the confederation joined the conference to testify their poor working conditions under precarious employment status.

KCTU and youth organizations jointly demanded

; to abolish the government-led labour market reform for easier dismissal, lower wage and more precious jobs.
; to impose appropriate tax on conglomerates and creat quality jobs for young people
; to reduce working hour without deterioration of working conditions
; that public sector should take an initiating role in creating quality jobs for young people.
: to stop contractualisation of permanent and perannial work and convert those work into regular employment
: 10,000 KRW for minimum hourly wage
: to expand unemployment benefit and introduce allowance for new job-seekers

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KCTU-Youth organisations WDDW Press Conference (2)
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KCTU-Youth organisations WDDW Press Conference (3)
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KCTU-Youth organisations WDDW Press Conference (4)


Korean Confederation of Trade Unions
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